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>Honesty Essential in Leadership

June 20, 2005

>I am reading a new book, recommended by a high level manager for Universal Studies, called The Leadership Challenge, by Kouzes and Posner. Just after reading the very first few pages, it really became very clear to me the importance of HONESTY in leadership, and I capitalize it because of how important it really is.

Other words that would also be considered in the HONESTY category are, integrity, ethical and moral. Wow, simple yet absent in very many aspiring leaders. If you are leading, you must actually have followers. The followers have to have a compelling reason to allow you to lead them. Sure there may be reasons like you are a successful innovator but without TRUST, they will not follow. Followers trust based on their leaders HONESTY. So leaders really need to reflect on several points;

1. Do you show your followers what you stand for (this not necessarily being religion but more like the ethical treatment of employees, how you perceive the importance of your employees, etc.).

2. Are your actions in line with your words? Do you walk your talk?

If not, beware, your leadership role is soon ending. Those who we lead require the basic need of TRUST, which comes from the demonstration of HONESTY.

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