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>Saddam’s Hanging

January 3, 2007

>Saddam Hussein was executed a couple of days ago and there are is a video of it. Several month’s ago I would have rejoiced in the death of Saddam but my outlook seems to be different now that it has actually happened. Most people will read this and say WHAT! But let me explains my points:

1. Do I think Saddam got what he deserved? Of course, he was an evil man. He killed many people and was a savage. He idolized Hitler and got 100% what he deserved. I do think justice was served.

2. Do I think there was a better way to server justice? Not really, I believe in the death penalty and so I believe the punishment fit the crime.

3. So why are you not happy? Well I not only think of Saddam as a tyrannical dictator responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people but I also think of him as a soul. I am not casting judgement for it is not my place to do so but rather God’s, however, based that he went down without any “change of heart”, his soul was lost. I don’t think Christians should rejoice whenever a soul has been lost. We can rejoice that he cannot kill or hurt anyone anymore but we also grieve for the loss of a soul.

At the end of the day, the death of Saddam is bitter sweet. I would imagine that it would be more sweet to me if he had a direct impact on my life such as killed one of my family members however I would hope that I would remain compassionate for those that are lost.

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